Saturday, 30 April 2011

7 Ways to create your Blog More Mobile Friendly

Technology and social media focused blogs. You are going to discover in this mail how easy you can create a mobile friendly edition of your blog by holding few significant points in mind. The earth has gone mobile. More smart phones are being purchased than ever, and the same goes for mobile internet plans. This means that great blog content, while important, isn’t adequate anymore.

The nearly fortunate blogs are becoming to be the ones who are carried with concerning content and are easily viewable on mobile devices. There are 7 ways to do Your blog mobile friendly

Create a Mobile internet site:

Create a mobile audience experience that you have their interests at heart by create a URL specifically for a mobile version of your blog. To establish a mobile domain, all you’ll require to do is add a sub-domain to your subsisting site.

Center your content to avoid moving:

The first thing you have to look at if you need to construct your blog more mobile friendly is the size of the cover on most cell phones. This will make sure your consultation can enjoy all of the content on your site without the plague of having to invariably scroll to the right view pictures

Shrink your page size:

The upper limit page size for a mobile device is 30kb. This means you have to keep each page small, rather fewer than 10kb to check that your site burdens easily. While many people have limitless data plans, those who don’t will apprise this motion.

Cut back on the pictures:

Keep in mind when optimizing your blog for mobile regarding: continue pictures to a minimum. Pictures typically do not look as good on small mobile view as they do on screen background, laptop computers and tablets.

Continue your content focused:

I have watched someone is browsing a blog on their mobile device, adds are they are on the impress and need to find the data they are looking for a rapidly and easily as potential. Your mobile home page should be clean and formed. Continue your content clear and easily to read.

Make navigation a snap:

Smart phones have back buttons and this build it difficult to navigate by mobile sites that have different pages. Make things easy by adding back buttons to each page

Test on every Program:

The only true way to build sure your blog is really mobile friendly is to test it on every program available to you. Ask your friends to check out your mobile site before it goes live and have them point out any criticisms


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