Saturday, 30 April 2011

Background picture for Blogger Template

You would be capable to add a background image or picture to your blog, customize the position of your image, and have a static background image that stays in place when you scroll through the message of your blog

You will need to create a picture. Find a image you like. If you take a free photo editing tool, you can either search the net for one or use Picasa. You can also use a small tile-size picture which can be duplicated so as to continue the whole page. After developing a image, you will require to transfer it onto a free image host. You can read about using free hosts like GPC mean Google Page Creator and GG mean Google Groups. We have also a rather comprehensive list of free picture. Hosts and File Hosting Services in our object on Storage space. Check out these sites and choose one that is quick, authentic and enables hot linking to the transferred data files


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