Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How to Manage Blogger Dashboard

From your Blogger dashboard, you can access all the controls for your blog, just like the tools to drive your car are located on your car’s dashboard. The primary elements of the main Blogger dashboard are described in this list:

Manage Your Blogs: This section lists your existing blogs with links to each one, where you can write new posts, change the blog’s settings, revise the blog’s layout, or even view the blog live online. Each of these options is discussed in detail later in this chapter. You can also click the Create a Blog link to start another blog that is then added to the Manage Your Blogs section of the dashboard.

Blogs of Note: The latest entries from Blogger blogs that you sign up to follow (select the Add button to add blogs you like), the Blogger Buzz blog, and blogs of note according to Blogger appear in the Reading List section of your dashboard so that you can easily see the latest updates and news of interest to you.

View Profile, Edit Profile, and Edit Photo: These links open your About page, where you can review and revise your bio that appears on your blog. Profiles are discussed in detail.

My Account: This link opens your personal account page, where you can modify your account information, such as your e-mail address and password.

Mobile Devices: Follow the link in this area to begin mobile blogging. Multimedia blogging is covered in depth Tools and Resources: You can access your Google AdSense and Google Reader accounts directly from the Blogger dashboard. Read more about Google Reader and about Google AdSense.

Help Resources: The online Help function for Blogger is quite useful. Google Groups dedicated to providing help to Blogger users also exist, which you can access by clicking the links in the Help Resources section of the Blogger dashboard. You can also access help by clicking the link in the Manage Your Blogs section or the link in the upper-right corner of any Blogger account page. You can also access the controls available from the Blogger dashboard from tabs displayed as a navigation bar along the top of any Blogger page.


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