Monday, 23 May 2011

Making money from your blog or Website

Many people start blogging for one reason — to make money. If you’re one of those bloggers whose ultimate goal is to earn money from your blog, you should know upfront that generating a profit takes time. As your blog traffic grows, the opportunities for you to make money will also grow. Think of your blog as a business. If customers don’t come through the door, you won’t make any money. The same is true of earning potential on a blog. If visitors don’t come to your blog, no one can click on your existing ads.

Furthermore, new advertisers won’t want to pay to advertise on your blog because no one will see their ads. Start your blog now, but be patient. As you drive traffic to your blog, more revenue-generating opportunities will arise. In the meantime, earn from blog monetization options and start putting together a plan that you can implement as your blog traffic increases


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